Friday, October 5, 2012

A Convenience Coupon...

What price can you put on your time?  

Whether you work out of the home, in the home, or both--have you ever wondered what the value of your time was?  Sure, people get paid by the hour or perhaps take home a weekly salary, but have you ever really sat down and figured out what your time is worth?  

We know that one of the most difficult obstacles with getting a vehicle serviced is the mere idea of figuring out exactly when in your busy schedule you can get it in to the shop.  

And then you have to figure out how to get it there...

When it will be done?

How you will get it picked up.

...When will you pay for it?

How will you get around during that time if something comes up?

Well doctors don't make house calls anymore and we don't either, but we have done our best here at Topel's Service Center to make it easier for you to get your vehicle serviced.

*Free Pick up/Drop off:  Working at home? In town? Work in town?  Let us come and pick up your vehicle and bring it back when we are done.  How do you pay?  We can collect cash or check at the time of drop off or if you prefer to pay with a credit card over the phone, we can do that as well.

*Free Loaner Vehicles:  Work out of town?  Have errands to run during the day?  Call ahead to schedule one of our loaner vehicles so you won't even miss not having a vehicle.  Now I didn't say you wouldn't miss having YOUR vehicle.  None the less it is a vehicle and do remember:  it's a in temporary! ;)

*Night and weekend drop off:  Does it work best for you just to drop your vehicle off at night, early morning, or on the weekend?  There is a key drop in the door and envelopes can be found just to the right of the door in a small black mailbox.  We'll get your keys the next morning we are open and take it from there.

So see!  Easy.  

  • No more excuses for getting your car to us to get it serviced.  
  • No more having to take a day off to get your car worked on.  
  • No more having to hassle your neighbor for a ride.  
  • No more weekend or evening appointments while you sit and read magazines in a waiting room.  

While one of our favorite parts of being here is spending time with our customers, we know you've got better things do to.  So do them.  

We'll take care of the rest!

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